Precautions for women wearing high heels

The “culprit” that makes the beauties beautiful but painful is naturally to be punished. In fact, the most important thing is your own choice. We will not talk about style or texture here, but only from some aspects that are often overlooked. 1. Wear high heels to “step by step.

“Sisters who have just been on the “battlefield” must not be impatient. They should start with shoes that are not too high. Personally, I think it is more appropriate to start with a 5cm heel. Generally, I wear them for a few months. I think I will add 1cm after getting used to it. I like the heels of about 10cm the most. This is actually the most self-cultivating, and the legs will look good~ When I first started wearing high heels, I bought a pair of 10cm shoes. They are super nice, but I wear them. Lose in 10 minutes, fight again in 1 year, small case Smooth progress! If you really want to rely on the heel to strive for height, you can also try this kind of shoes with high front and back to reduce the slope. In other words, the height of the waterproof platform of the forefoot part should be increased accordingly, so as to provide a cushion for the feet.

By the way, having said that, I have to disturb the order of this article first, and talk about a more realistic question. Someone will definitely ask, such a high heel, the feet will be very painful, and some sisters are born with toes a little bit outside I have to give up High heels are beautiful too. In order to avoid sisters who retreat before starting, let me throw out some solutions first. Practical gadgets: essential items—— Since insoles are to relieve the pain of wearing high heels, alleviating the pressure on the soles of the feet must be the most important thing~ The easiest way is to use insoles. Now the market is full of various insoles, but we must remind the beauty of the essentials of buying insoles . The material is good, soft rubber, silicone, etc. There are all kinds of materials, but I found a material called TPE is very good, a bit like a memory pillow, soft but not too soft to have any support, but I That one was cut from a discarded yoga mat.  I was holding the mentality of waste utilization. . But personally think it is still crystal silicone high heel The insole is more practical. And it’s easy to buy. 

It is best to be sticky on the one hand, otherwise the insoles will sometimes run off, and the insoles may even disappear when wearing sandals. . Hey, just stick the double-sided tape if it doesn’t work. . In addition, buying insoles is not about buying vegetables at the vegetable market. Some insoles are very thick and will squeeze your feet. If the area is large, you have to trim them, so just buy the right one! For example, the recent advertisements are very refreshing. They also have a transparent blister paste that is also very easy to use. The new shoes are easy to wear, and the band-aids are ugly. This transparent stuff is very effective. . . 2. The choice of heel is very important. At the beginning, choose a thick heel. A larger stress surface can relieve stress. At the same time, it is recommended that most workplace MMs wear conservative thick heels when they are at work~. . . Suggestion~just suggestion In addition, another kingly way to relieve stress is wedge heels~ Anyway, I have such a feeling: Wedge heels will spoil your feet~ because they are so comfortable~ But I personally think that high heels are more feminine. ~ It is recommended that the majority of M M usually wear high heels and wedges when shopping~ Give your feet a certain rest time~ 3. Exclusive tips for choosing shoes First of all, be stable. Put the shoes on the table and push them slightly. If they shake severely, I suggest that you don’t buy them. These shoes can’t stand on their own, and they won’t be stable against an adult.

Post time: Nov-11-2020
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